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Steel Belted Radial Tires


INFINITRED is everything you'd expect an all-season touring radial to be and more. This revolutionary tire brings you an incredible lifetime treadlife limited warranty and uncompromising all-season traction. That's because it's designed with Goodyear's deepest tread groove ever, for long life and biting traction. Get the best of both world's with Infinitred.


INFINITRED - Our Longest Lasting Passenger Radial


Goodyear's Infinitred radial comes backed by an incredible lifetime limited warranty. Designed with extra-deep tread grooves and a premium all-weather compound. Infinitred delivers excellent all-weather traction and is guaranteed to last as long as you own your car.

AQUATRED II - Our Best Wet Traction Passenger Tire

This revolutionary tire pumps away over two gallons of water per second as you drive at highway speeds. And a new tread rubber compound provides road-hugging traction and extends the treadlife to an amazing 65,000 miles. Guaranteed.

  REGATTA - Our Best All-Around Value

Regatta's deep-groove tread design and premium rubber compound deliver excellent all-weather traction, long treadlife and
a smooth, quiet ride. It's a tire that enhances the pleasure of driving.
  INTREPID - The Economy Aquachannel Tire

The value-priced Intrepid Radial is designed for all weather conditions, but especially for rain. The aquachannel pumps
water out of your way so more tire meets the road.

  S4S - Long Wearing All-Weather Radial

The durable S4S Radial delivers dependable all-weather performance, fuel efficiency and a long treadlife - all at a great price.
  TIEMPO - The Long Wearing All-Weather Radial

Tiempo Radial has been engineered for America's cars and roads. If offers today's owners of U.S. family-size cars
a quality product at a comfortable price. Whitewall styling in sizes to fit most U.S. cars
  DECATHLON - Economy Steel Belted Radial

Dependable year-round traction is just one reason why this radial is a popular choice for most American cars.
It also delivers the strength of much more expensive radials
    T-METRIC - Our Lowest Priced Radial For Imports & Small Cars
This is the smooth riding radial with the quick handling response so important for imports and small cars.
And T-Metric still retains the strength and durability of double steel belts.

GOODYEAR - Light Truck

NOW THERE'S NO REASON TO COMPROMISE. Until now, tires for Light Trucks have been either on-road
tires or off-road tires, with not much in between. People had to choose a tire that would not satisfy 100 percent of their needs.
But these days, people want to do a lot more than just rough it with their pickups, 4x4's and vans. They drive them to work. Around town.
And haul everything from trailers to little league teams.

That's why Goodyear developed the Wrangler GS-A. By combining the most outstanding benefits of our all-weather
and on/off highway tires - and adapting them to the ways people use their MPVs - we found a way to offer the best of
both worlds with some truly versatile light truck tires. For exactly your kind of driving.

WRANGLER GS-A - Our Newest All-Purpose All-Surface Radial For Multi-Purpose Vehicles

Wrangler GS-A is the first member of the Wrangler family to feature an asymmetric tread design with a patented
Triple Tread Zone for all the ways you drive.


  WRANGLER HT - Our Quietest All-Weather Touring Wrangler
Wrangler HT is designed for light trucks, vans, 4x4s, and RVs. Its versatility keeps you going on the highway, in the city, and
on the beach. In any kind of weather.
  WRANGLER AT - Aggressive On/Off-Highway Traction Radial

Broad open-tread shoulders let Wrangler AT dig in to get you through dirt, mud, grass, and soft soil.
Tread profile improvements increase both traction and treadlife.
  WRANGLER MT - Our Premier Off-Road Traction Radial

Wrangler MT's computer-designed patented tread is unidirectional to make the hefty, reinforced lugs more effective.
Open shoulders and offset shoulder lugs help the tread bite deep.
  WRANGLER RT/S - Smooth Riding All-Weather Radial Also Capable Of Handling Off-Highway Duties

The computer optimized tread design makes this Wrangler both talented and versatile.
It delivers comfortable, dependable all-weather traction.

  WRANGLER AP - Quiet, All-Weather Touring Radial
Wrangler AP combines an aggressive, all-weather traction tread with uniform wear, low noise, and riding comfort.

WORKHORSE EXTRA GRIP - Heavy Duty On/Off-Highway Traction Radial

This radial is designed to stand up to gravel and rocky roads. It will get you going and keep you going with
shoulder notches and tread block elements that are all-weather effective.
WORKHORSE RADIAL - Economy All-Weather Radial For Light Trucks

Workhorse Radial is a versatile tire featuring a hard-working tread for good highway traction and handling.
This all-position, year-round favorite is first choice for many value-conscious light truck owners.





Radial Rover P-Metric
All-Terrain Performance For Light Trucks, Sport Utility Vehicles and Vans

WRANGLER P-METRIC - All-Weather Traction Radial For Small Pickups & 4x4s

Tread lugs with extra biting edges give Wrangler P-Metric positive traction, on and off the
highway, in almost any environment or weather, any time of the year.


All-Terrain Tread Design
With a full 13-14/32" tread depth and M & S rating for improved traction in all terrains, seasons and conditions.

Triplex Sidewall Compounds
For responsive handling and smooth ride comfort.

Computer Assisted Variable Pitch Tread Design
Breaks up noise frequency cycles for extremely low
noise levels.

High Profile Bead Apex
For precise steering response and control. Outline White Letters With black serrated letters on the reverse.

"S" Speed Rated
To meet the performance requirements of today's light trucks.


SP 40 A/S
Long Mileage All-Season White Sidewall Radial

All-Weather Tread Design Features three wide circumferential tread grooves, siping, block edges and grooves for road-biting grip on a variety of surfaces and conditions.

Steel Belted Construction Provides uniform load distribution across the tread for even wear and improved ride performance

Dimensionally Stable Polyester (DSP) Carcass With even cord spacing and rubber thickness for less shrinkage and distortion in elevated temperatures for a smooth ride.

Stable, High Density Tread Compound For excellent wet and dry traction and long tire life.

Variable Pitch Tread Design Five pitch arrangement reduces harmonic noise levels for a quiet ride.

Apex/Clinch Lower Sidewall Construction Controls sidewall flex and stiffness for improved shock absorption and handling response.


Summit steel belted radial tires are protected by the applicable mileage limited warranty listed below:

80,000 MILES

60,000 MILES

50,000 MILES

40,000 MILES

These mileage warranties are applicable if the tires have been rotated every 5,000 - 6,000 miles, in accordance with the prescribed rotation patterns and have worn to the treadwear indicators in less than the warranted mileage for the tire purchased. A prorated credit will be given according to actual mileage delivered. The prorated credit allowance applies towards the replacement tire. Owner must pay all applicable taxes on any warranty replacement.

This warranty applies only to the original owner and is valid only if a rotation schedule has been maintained. This schedule must be submitted with the adjustment claim. The owner pays for mounting and balancing.